Thursday, August 21, 2008

EV Components

Yesterday I received verbal confirmation from the seller as well as the creditor that the outstanding loan on the car was paid out. The RDPRM (Quebec Title Registry) has not yet received the official notice of clear title yet but it should get there within days. I went ahead and scheduled a vehicle inspection for Wednesday of next week. I also went over my list of EV components to be ordered except for the batteries, dc-to-dc converter, and battery pack charger. The final decision on the omitted parts will be made later. The motor (Netgain Warp9) was ordered 8 weeks ago and is expected to arrive shortly. The motor adaptor/coupler and mounts will be custom made. If any additional parts are required, I will post them later.

Here is a nice graphic I found which helps to better visualize the EV components:

Here is my current list of parts to be ordered:


  • 1 Curtis Controller 1231C-8601
  • 1 Aluminum Plate/heat sink compound/12 V fan
  • 1 PB-6 Curtis Potbox
  • 2 Albright Contactor SW-200 (12V coil)

  • 25 ft of 2/0 Cable - Black
  • 25 ft of 2/0 Cable - Red
  • 40 2/0 lugs - Magna lug (includes 6 90 degree)
  • 5 ft of Heat Shrink with sealant

  • 1 80-180 Voltmeter (Westberg 2in Black)
  • 1 0-400 Ammeter (Westberg 2in Black)
  • 1 50mV Shunt - 400A


  • 1 Vacuum Pump (12V)
  • 1 Vacuum Switch
  • 1 In-line fuseholder with 20 Amp Fuse

  • 1 Littlefuse L25S-400
  • 1 Littlefuse holder
  • 1 KLK fuse & holder - HV Control Wiring
  • 1 Pair Anderson connectors SBX-350 (Red)
  • 1 Fuseholder (4) - Control Board
  • 1 First Inertia Switch - Auto Shutoff (12V Sys)
  • 1 Electric Heater Components (Heater, mount, contactor, Anderson SB-50 connector, fuse)


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