Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wiring, Wondering and Waiting

The weekend began with the seasonal opening of the pool. For the second straight year, the water was especially green and very foggy with plenty of algae and fine particles suspended in the water. My explanation for this is the early warming temperatures and frequent strong winds we've been having.

It was a productive weekend of work on the car. The weather was great and much of the wiring was completed. The wiring job seems endless and a part of me wonders if everything will work. I think I would be more confident having an experienced guy like Richard inspect what I have done before taking the first test drive. I'm getting ahead of myself by thinking of the test drive when the batteries have yet to arrive and no exact date of delivery.

Here is how things are looking up front with the high voltage 2/0 cable connections not yet completed.

Main fuse, shunt and controller:

Positive and negative contactors:
Pot box:
Battery charger:
DC to DC converter:
Heater relays and fuses:
Low angle shot.
Tomorrow I will again follow up on the battery order status as well as contact my insurance company to inform them that I am almost done with the conversion and discuss the evaluation of the car. This discussion will obviously raise my insurance premiums but after working so hard and spending a lot of money, this is a necessity. At some point, I will also schedule a vehicle inspection at the SAAQ (provincial motor vehicle authority). Not sure what this will cost or what to expect especially after hearing stories from other converters getting the runaround. Speaking of cost, this project has surpassed all my projections with all the little things really adding up. The scary thought is that I'm even thinking of how some things could have been done better and already planning future modifications (more $$$).......

The other day I watched yet another very interesting episode on renewable energy called TheGospelOfGreen on CBC's Fifth Estate television program. Watch it and see who is becoming the world's largest and leading producer of Photovoltaic Cells.


Brian said...

Looking good!

How long have you been waiting on those batteries now? :(

Jim and Elizabeth Karamalis said...

Hey Brian,

It is exactly three months today. But the good news is that the batteries are on their way. I was very relieved to here this today. After I receive them, I have a very funny story to share with you and Dimitri.

By the way, last night I started swapping out R2 on the cell balancers with the 523 ohm resistors that I purchased in order to better match the charging profile of my charger which was custom set by Elcon just like Dimitri's. Luckily, I was able to remove the original resistors and place the new ones in the same position without damaging or shorting anything. I still have about 15 boards to go. When things are up and running, I will pick your brains a bit to learn more about your most recent modifications to the cell balancers(LVC etc..).