Monday, March 23, 2009

The Volt Blochers Have Arrived

Today I received the "Volt Blocher" cell balancer kit that Brian sent me for my lithium battery pack. There are a total of forty boards to assemble and solder and I am hoping to get Elizabeth and the kids to pitch in and help. I'm thinking the kids will get a real kick out of it. These units will help my cells stay more equalized (stay as closely balanced as possible) and hopefully maximize their lifespan. Although Thundersky rates their sells at 3.2 volts nominal and 4.2 volts peak, it is best to keep the charge to voltage below 4.2 volts to minimze the possibility of overcharging and damaginng the cells. The cell balancer circuits essentially monitor cell voltage and begin shunting voltage at 3.6 volts when they are charging.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a kit of their own, you can get it here.


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