Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Battery Box

On Friday night March 28th, my friend and colleague Riccardo stopped by the garage to bring me the battery box that his cousin Alessio so kindly built for the e-Protege. Alessio and his brother Lino run a family business making ventilation ducts and the box they built turned out just as I expected. Since it was past midnight, I waited until Saturday morning before putting it into the trunk.

I knew it was going to be a very tight fit. I actually had to slightly cut/grind and file a couple of corners inside the trunk in order to gain a bit of space for the box to be angled and slid into place. The fit is so tight that the cover for the box does not quite fit in all the way. I am now thinking of using a piece of clear plexiglass as the cover but will give this more thought in the coming week.

This weekend is my last weekend at the garage as I will have to move out to make way for John and Tom who are renting the space and want to get setup starting April 1st. The snow is almost all melted and temperatures are warming up nicely. Saturday was such a nice day that Elizabeth and the kids took a three mile bike ride from home to pay me a surprise visit. When they dropped in on me, I was in the process of installing the AC power inlet in the place of the old gasoline filler pipe. The kids took this opportunity to pose for a picture and reminded me about Earth Hour tonight.

The inlet that was installed is a Hubbell HBL2315 (125 VAC - 20 AMP) twist locking male receptacle (flanged inlet).


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LeftLibertarian said...

Nice. You should tell those HVAC friends that they should offer their services for sale to others that want such battery boxes without having to do a lot of welding.