Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Approaches & SAAQ Inspection

Today I received an email from yet another potential EV converter in the province of Quebec named Sylvain. He had some questions and also sent me many EV technology links, some of which I already knew about but there were some things that I had not seen or heard of before. It appears that many EV converters are using new approaches to obtain or extract and use A123 nanophosphate cylinder cells (ANR26650) from cordless tool battery packs like the DeWalt DC9360. For approximately $150 Cdn including shipping, one of these batteries can be purchased on ebay and elsewhere. Each battery contains one string of ten A123 cells (33V @ 2.3 AH). Read all about it here.

Repackaging A123 cells from DeWalt DC9360 batteries

A similar comparison with built-in BMS is Valence.

While browsing from page to page going off on tangents, I came across several interesting articles including one about the competition heating up in Lithium battery technology.

The Electric Car Battery War

I also recently got some usefull information from Nick on the SAAQ inspection guidelines and requirements for EV conversions in this province. Here are a few links:

Les Vehicule Modifies ou de Fabrication Artisanale (French)

Modifying Your Car (English)

Best Practices In EV Design


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