Thursday, February 26, 2009

Batteries Ordered

After much research and taking many things into consideration, it was time to make a decision on batteries. The order has finally been made and it will be a few weeks for delivery. Like many of my fellow EV converters, I am going with Lithium. The pack (40 cells) will be approximately 20 kW of capacity (128 Volts - 160 Amps). I am also joining Dimitri and Brian on a DIY cell balancing solution. Hopefully this will work well on the LFP160 cells (mods and tests pending).

My charger will likely be the Zivan NG3 and the BMS (for monitoring only) a PakTrakr. I had a few exchanges with Dimitri and I am in agreement with him. I like the way he thinks and does things.

Zivan NG3

Here is a great diagram that shows the PakTrakr monitoring 40 cells (exactly the same layout that I am planning).


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Dimitri said...

Thanks for your kind words! Hope it all works out for us! If not, don't blame me :-)