Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Waiting Game

Eleven weeks and still waiting for the Netgain Warp9 motor I ordered. After speaking to Richard Lane the authorized distributor with whom I placed my order, I was informed that Netgain has been especially overwhelmed with orders since May. They (Netgain) indicated to Richard that my order as well as other orders were due to ship any day now. The waiting game is killing me.

In the meantime, I placed a large order of parts with Electrical Vehicles of America and awaiting shipping confirmation and tracking number. I have also been reviewing my project plan giving more thought to things like motor speed/rpm sensor, instrument placement, battery box, and tires.

I will look into integrating a speed/rpm sensor for the Warp9 motor but first need to get some advice from the pros. I want to retain the use of the vehicle's stock speedometer and tachometer after the EV conversion.

Zolox Speed Sensor To WarP/ImPulse Motor Adapter (scroll down a bit)

Zolox Motor Speed sensor Kit

I am considering a Triple Pillar POD similar to this one on which to mount the voltmeter, ammeter, and SOC (state of charge) gauges.

Mazda Protege Triple Pillar Pod (this still requires the original pillar underneath)

I will either build my own battery boxes or ask a friend and colleague to assist me in getting an expert built box.

I found a good online tire size calculator to come up with tire & rim size combinations.

Speaking of tires, a friend recently forwarded to me an ABC News report on Tire Safety called "Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard?"which I encourage everyone to watch. It could save lives and is a must see video.


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