Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Ready

Early this morning I took the car for a rustproofing treatment since next weekend I plan to do the ICE removal. I took some pictures of the engine compartment and odometer in order to post a for sale ad to sell the ICE parts. If a buyer is interested in the engine, there will be about one week left to actually see the motor in operation if so desired.

Before ICE removal:

I also put a list together of work or known issues with the car in an effort to remain organized and remember what still needs to be done besides the actual conversion:

  • Check manual transmission for leaks and inspect shifter bushings which might need changing or lubrication.
  • Inspect clutch and make any necessary repairs.
  • Look into why ABS brake indicator is lit on instrument panel.
  • Will need rear drum brakes job.
  • Will need rear link bars.
  • Will need tires (winter & summer/all season).
  • Rear passenger electrical door lock malfunction.
  • Front passenger door speaker malfunction.
  • License plate lights malfunction.
  • Interior cleaning.
  • Perform minor touch-ups on exterior.

The place where the work will be performed is very spacious and I have already set-up temporary work benches. I have access to a commercial grade compressor for the use of air tools. I will be borrowing many tools from my father-in-law.

Here are a few pictures of the garage:


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