Thursday, August 14, 2008


There seems to be no shortage of Proteges on the used car market. I found another one last Sunday and was ready to finalize the purchase the following day. I had a contract drawn up and made an appointment to have it inspected. I also remembered to perform a verification to make sure that the car's title was clear. That's were things got dicey. In Quebec, buyers should always consult the RDPRM using the car's VIN and/or owner's name. When I checked this one out, the loan was still outstanding. No matter how honest the owner seemed and no matter what he intends to do, you are always best advised to beware and only proceed with the purchase after everything is settled and the title is clear. The owner made arrangements to pay off the outstanding balance owed on the car but this can take up to 10 business days provided there are no other complications. Even though I am hopeful we can finalize a deal, I am still keeping a lookout for other deals. Persistence will hopefully land the right deal.


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