Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sixth Anniversary

It is six years today that the Protege has been running on electrons and I am still loving it. The odometer now shows 255 149 compared to 203 872 when I started. This means I have done 51 277 kilometers or an average of 8 546 per year. Keep in mind that I don't drive it during the winter months (mid December to end of March).

I don't feel alone on the roads anymore now that I am accompanied by Volts, Leafs, Model Ss and others. I am amazed by the number of Tesla Model S EVs on the roads these days. I saw one up close at the car show and they are truely in a class of there own but also very very expensive.

I want to apologize to all those who sent me messages that went unanswered in the past year or more. My excuse is that I simply got mixed up with the email account that was using and had not logged in to it for a very long time. Nevertheless, thanks for all your comments. Amongst the messages I received were questions like "If you had to start your conversion today, how would you go about?" My answer to this one that I would approach it the exact same way but the equipment I would use would obviously be different.....I would go with an AC motor and different controller. This is not to say that a DC motor like the netgain warp 9 would not be an attractive alternative because cost is always a consideration in a conversion project.

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