Monday, June 28, 2010

EV Moratorium Lifted

A few months ago the Ontario Ministry Of Transport was refusing EV registrations without providing any reason. Later on some sources indicated that people were fraudulently claiming that their vehicles were electric in order to avoid Ontario's "Drive Clean" tests or at least that's what officials may have wanted people to believe.

The moratorium has now been lifted after much pressure and lobbying on the MTO and their are new rules, forms, decals and select license offices designated for EV registrations across the province. In addition to this, the sales tax rebate ends in two days (June 30, 2010) and it does not appear that there will be any other similar incentive to replace it.

Guidelines and regulations regarding EV conversions in other provinces across Canada are very inconsistent. Apparently, EMC has gotten involved with the MTO in order to better develop the safety requirements for EV conversions. This is all good news and I hope that other provinces across Canada can follow suit.

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