Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moratorium On Electric Vehicle Conversions

Disappointing news!

Recently, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in Canada announced a moratorium on electric vehicle conversions. This has come as a big surprise to many EV converters as you can imagine. Read the article published in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper entitled "MTO moratorium short-circuits electric vehicle conversions".

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Electricfly said...

Well, Unfortuneately - the MTO didn't Exactly 'Announce' the Moratorium! I just discovered it in the process of helping someone make the Gas 'G' to Electricity 'E' Change for their EV Conversion.

However - they are working to get things back on track, and even better than before - whey they can actually seperate the EV's from the Frauds using this as a dodge to avoid Drive Clean, without spending the $3K to $20K on their owen EV Conversion!