Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Arrives Early

Normally winter starts fading out in early April but this year the warmer weather arrived a month earlier. All the snow has melted and I am now driving the EV on a regular basis with a total of 5000 KM driven to date. Hopefully, the winter won't come back to bite us in April.

The PakTrakr battery monitoring system has disappointed me. I had to recently return one of the remotes for repair as it continued to give me false alerts and incorrect voltage readings. It was returned to me repaired only to eventually malfunction again. Although I am happy that I now received a new replacement remote, I am somewhat tired of removing and re-installing it since it involves unscrewing terminals, cutting tie wraps and re-routing wires. I know of others who have reported similar problems and this naturally makes me question the overall quality of this product.

Every so often, I read stories or watch reports on television about how sustainable development is hindered by the faltering economy and industry protectionism. The mighty dollar and it's pursuit by the richest corporations is the biggest road block. Our world's outdated and corrupt monetary system is just not compatible with the sustainability model. One is the total opposite of the other. To understand this better, watch this award winning documentary film named
Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph. You will feel a sense of awakening.

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