Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Colder Weather

I have not posted any news in a while mostly because I have been waiting to receive my PakTrakr display replacement. The reason for the long delay is that I messed up when providing my return address to the maker/supplier and it appears the package is either lost or heading back to the sender.

The weather has started getting colder and it's a good thing I decided to install two heater units because I am now sure that one unit alone would not have been sufficient to provide enough heat. To date, we have seen temperatures reach as low as freezing (0 Celsius) on a few occasions already. On such days, I start off using both heater units (high) to heat the car for approx 10-15 minutes and then drop down to using only one heater unit (low) to maintain a comfortable temperature without wasting much energy. I am now realizing that my calculation of 30% energy consumption for heating should be quite accurate and that my daily commute of 45-50 km will be my range limit in the cold winter temperatures leaving some room for avoiding full discharge of the battery pack. What is still a big unknown at this point is the effect of much colder sub zero temperatures on the LiFePO4 batteries. Only time will tell but I promise to report my data.

On a very different topic, I like many others have been watching TV and reading about the Swine Flu wondering what to do. Vaccinate for H1N1 or not? I started poking around and discussing with different people and the sad thing is that the public is not well informed or shall I say malinformed. Very few people seem to know what the side effects of most vaccines have been and continue to be. I watched an interesting documentary produced by Canada and France looking at exactly this issue. I recommend that you take 51 minutes of your time to watch it. The english version is called "Shots In The Dark" and the french version is called "Silence, on vaccine".



Silence On Vaccine

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