Sunday, July 26, 2009

Charge Verification

It's raining again today but I did get a chance to measure the cell voltages manually during a break in the rain.

First I interconnected the Pak trakr remotes to see what they had to report. To my surprise, Remote 'A' which is supposed to be the remote furthest from the display and the one connected to the series of cells at the negative most end of the pack had 'Alerts'. The alerts indicated that battery A2 and A4 needed charging and that battery A1 was overcharged. At this point I was a little worried so as planned anyway, I proceeded to verifying each cell manually to compare. My manual measurements using my multimeter contradicted the Pak Trakr making me question if it is defective. I will have to further troubleshoot this issue. The total pack measured at 141 volts. Nevertheless, my manual measurements and most of the Pak Trakr individual cell measurements did show similar discrepancies. The lowest measurement was 3.42 volts and the highest was 3.70 volts. This has me a bit concerned. Perhaps I will simply need to run through another charging cycle.

Here is a table of measurements for the entire pack:

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