Friday, June 5, 2009

Batteries Arrived


It's been a very long wait. My order was made on Feb.26th and it arrived on June 4th. A whopping 98 days or 14 weeks.

Today I took a drive south of the border to pick up my batteries and personally clear them through customs. There were four wooden crates in total and one of the crates was damaged looking as if it had fallen somewhere during its long voyage. I first opened up the damaged crate to see if any cells sustained damage but they appeared to be fine aside from the straps being bent out of shape. All accessories were in order and all went smoothly crossing back over into Canada and clearing customs. I took inventory of all the serial numbers and verified the voltages of each cell for reference. All cells measured 3.3 volts. To be more precise, 39 cells were 3.33 volts and one was 3.32 volts. According to the enclosed documentation, the production date of the batteries was April 15, 2009.

Here is what the damaged crate looked like.

These are the two sets of cells with the bent up straps.

As anxious as I am to put the batteries in the car, this task will have to wait since I am very swamped with my job and some important family commitments. More to come....

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Nick Drouin said...

Yeah! Good for you, sorry to hear about shipping damage, I hope all is well.