Friday, February 6, 2009

Heater Wiring

The final heater solution I am going with uses two separate ceramic heaters. The main or primary heater is located in the heater unit and the auxiliary or secondary heater is located in the cooler unit. They will be controlled by a 3 position rotary switch mounted on the climate control unit where the original temperature control dial resided. The first position is OFF followed by LOW which powers up the primary heater and then HIGH which powers up the secondary heater while keeping both heaters working together. The rotary switch will get the 12 volts from the fan resistor that is located on the cooler unit allowing the heaters to operate only when the fan is running.

Here is a wiring diagram for the heating system:

The next step is to reinstall the dash and properly secure the heater wiring as well as mount the heater relays in a good spot.


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