Saturday, November 15, 2008

Motor and Transmission Mounted

A month has past but the motor and transmission are finally mounted. Evan managed to find some half inch and one inch aluminum plate at a nearby metal recycling yard to make the adapter plate as well as the spacer. He worked hard at machining the aluminum to the correct size and shape. The adapter plate was purposely not completely cut down to the shape of the transmission in order to allow for the possibility of mounting other equipment.

A template of the transmission was traced onto bristolboard in order to precisely mark the center, guide pins and bolt holes. Here is a picture of the transmission template.

Here is the Warp9 motor sitting upright resting on two by threes with the motor coupler keyed and fastened onto the motor shaft. We used loctite on the two pilot screws and tightened them with an allen key.

We then placed the one inch aluminum spacer onto the motor face with the holes lined up and the correct orientation for the guide pins/dowels to match the adapter plate.
The adapter plate came next and was also lined up and correctly positioned to be fastened onto the motor with the spacer sandwiched in between.
Here is Evan tightening down the four countersunk bolts holding the adapter plate and spacer to the motor.
The flywheel was then bolted onto the motor coupler and once again we used loctite on the six bolts.
Next came the clutch disc and pressure plate. The disc was held into position with a splined plastic guider shaft/pin and then the pressure plate was placed into position and screwed onto the flywheel with the original six bolts and lock washers.
Lastly, the transmission was placed onto the adapter plate nicely lined up with another set of guide pins/dowels. We then bolted the transmission and adaptor plate together using some of the original bolts as well as some newer shorter bolts, washers and nuts.
The mounted motor and transmission was put into position to be hoisted up and placed into the car.
Here is the motor and transmission sitting in the place of the old internal combustion engine. After dropping it in, we noticed that some minor adjustments were necessary for proper placement onto the chassis. The bottom of the adapter plate towards the front of the car needed to be trimmed off a little because it was rubbing up against the bottom frame rail not allowing the transmission to line up properly with the chassis mounts.
I later noticed that the adapter plate will require just a little more trimming near the front chassis mount in order to allow clearance for the front mount bolt. This will be easy to do but will require one more removal of the motor & transmission so that I can apply the jigsaw to trim the plate.

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