Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Motor Coupler

The work on making the motor coupler started about two weeks ago. We purchased a 1 1/8" weld-on hub then we drilled and welded a piece a steel onto the smaller recessed diameter of the hub. This will now be the larger diameter of the new one piece coupler. We then had the one piece coupler turned on a lathe at a local machine shop (Sami Precision) by a family friend named Milto. The part of the hub that attaches to the flywheel was precisely machined to the exact size of the slightly recessed center of the flywheel. This will help to center the coupler onto the flywheel and also make it easier to drill and tap the holes for the bolts that will be used to secure the coupler to the flywheel.

Here is a view of the coupler and the front face of the flywheel:

Here is the coupler sitting perfectly centered on the flywheel:

Here is a view of the rear face (clutch/transmission side) of the flywheel with the coupler underneath. We will drill and tap into the coupler to match the six flywheel holes for fine thread (20 threads per inch) 1/2 inch bolts that are 1 1/2 inches long. The plan is to make a half inch center punch to mark the center of each hole, drill and tap the first hole, attach a bolt to the first tapped hole, then drill and tap the remaining five holes:

Here is a view of the rear face of the flywheel with the bolts and lock washers sitting in the holes of the flywheel. On the left is the half inch tap and on the right is a drill bit:

The next step is to mount the coupler and flywheel onto to the Warp9 motor shaft at one end and the transmission at the other end to take measurements for the aluminum adapter plate. At that point, we will decide if the adapter will be made as a one piece milled unit or two piece unit (plate and separate spacer).

Recently, a colleague sent me a link to another interesting video clip on the internet called "The Story Of Stuff". It is about twenty minutes long and very good. This is another one of these "must see" videos. Watch it and visit the web site:

We can all do more with less!

by Jim


Nick Drouin said...

Hi Jim,

I came across your evalbum profile while searching for EV resources in Quebec. It lead me to your blog, which I have just finished reading -- it seems we have a few things in common, not the least of which is EV research once the kids are in bed!

I found it interesting that we BOTH drove out from Montreal to the EV expo in Ottawa this spring and have put in motion our own projects since. I recognise many of my motivations in your posts.

In particular I went to Ottawa to meet Richard. Not having the space nor time to do the conversion, I knew I would need some professional help. So I'm scheduled after the Jetta with Richard, and am very much looking forward to seeing my car de-iced!

Best of luck in your project, and perhaps we could chat some time regarding the state of EVs in and around Montreal: Ideas of an EV Club keep popping up in my mind...

I'd also like to pick your brain with regards to batteries: I'm also going with AGM/Gels, but haven't selected the final manufacturer.


-Nick Drouin in Baie d'Urfe, QC

Jim and Elizabeth Karamalis said...

Hi Nick,

I had also seen and read a bit about your own conversion. I also heard about you through Richard as well. I really like your project and think the car is a BEAUTY!!!

The Montreal EV club idea has also crossed my mind. I am continuing to cross paths with other EV converters in the Montreal vicinity. My wife is calling me an EV magnet.

Thanks for your kind wishes and best of luck with the Ghia. Feel free to contact me any time. Looking forward to speaking with you and perhaps meeting you in person.