Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Following the removal of the internal combustion engine and related parts ten days ago, only the gas tank remains and will be removed very shortly. Once this is out I will measure up the space of the trunk floor (spare tire storage area) to plan for the main battery pack placement. In the meantime, I have been waiting for some parts to arrive in order to build the coupler that will interface between the electric motor shaft and manual transmission. Richard Lane of REV Consultants in Ottawa has been very helpful in recommending several approaches in going about this task. His kindness and support is much appreciated. My EV parts order with EVA in New Hampshire has been well taken care of by Bryan and Bob. I must also acknowledge their kindness and good service. Cheers Richard, Bryan & Bob!! It is a pleasure dealing with all of you. I also purchased a new clutch (complete kit) from an auto parts supplier in Verdun. The old clutch had considerable wear and replacing it at this stage just makes sense now that the transmission is already out and sitting on the shop bench.

On a different note, Elizabeth recently watched a very interesting program on TV and recorded it for me. It was a PBS Nova program named "Einstein's Big Idea", the story behind the world famous equation E=mc2. I wish programs like this existed when I was a kid. It was very informative and educational. Watch it if you ever get a chance.

by Jim

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Walter said...

Interesting so far... I am looking to do a conversion myself and I was wondering if I could see one in action ? Hey, you've now officially got a fan club!